As the premier distributor of medical, dental, and laboratory supplies and equipment in Jamaica, Shekinah Trading Limited boasts an extensive product catalogue. We will source it for you if we don’t have it!

Medical Supplies and Disposables

Shekinah Trading Limited specialises in connecting you with the medical supplies you need. Our extensive selection includes healthcare disposables, monitoring equipment, acute care supplies, home healthcare accessories, dressing supplies, etc.

Dental Supplies and Disposables

We know how important it is for dental professionals to have quality products. So, we’ve included essential dental supplies and equipment in our expansive product catalogue. We have disposables, surgical instruments, dental units, dental needles, and other essential products.

Surgical and Dental Instruments

Having suitable tools is crucial to getting the job done. Shekinah Trading carries a wide selection of instruments, including stainless steel procedural instruments, scissors, forceps, dental instruments, retractors, and other crucial instruments in our catalogue.

Hospital Furniture

At Shekinah Trading, we take a holistic approach to providing supplies and equipment. Our inventory includes patient beds, stretchers, examination tables, IV stands, examination lights, portable privacy screens, medical recliners, and doctors' stools, among other items.


Shekinah Trading offers an extensive selection of equipment that includes patient monitors, scales, ventilators, radiant warmers, neonatal oxygen delivery systems, BiPap machines, incubators, CPAP machines, defibrillators, diagnostic sets, nebulizers, etc.

Laboratory Disposables and Accessories

Our range of products includes blood collection tubes, multi-sample needles, blood culture bottles, syringes, pipettes, Phlebotomy supplies, cytology slides/microscope slides, cytology brushes, fixative spray, slide mailers, specimen bags, specimen containers, biohazard bins, etc.

Protective Wear

Protective wear is vital in safeguarding health care workers from infections. Our products include gloves, face shields, protective gowns (levels I, II, III, IV), hazmat suits, shoe covers, bouffant caps, aprons, scrubs, etc.


Shekinah Trading carries a wide selection of OBG/GYN products. Our inventory includes maternity pads, speculums, pap smear items, bassinet, breastmilk storage bags, breast pumps, postpartum adult diapers, neonatal resuscitators, thermometers, foetal dopplers, etc.

Other Categories

Shekinah Trading Limited also provides sterilisation and infection control, rehabilitation equipment and supplies, and emergency medical products and equipment. Our team is ready to assist you with any questions you may have.